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Team numbering

There are certain articles of clothing that are unsuitable for screen printing and sewing. When it comes the time to decorate these types of clothes, Specialty Sportswear & Promotions LLC stands apart from the crowd with exceptional heat press and vinyl transfer services. These cutting-edge processes have come a long way from the days of hard numbers on the back of your jersey.

Great heat presses and vinyl transfers

You can call us during regular business hours to learn the full details of our large and widely diverse selection.

  • Letterman jackets

  • Team numbering

  • Custom designs

  • Baseball hats

  • Footwear

  • Sweaters

Many pressing options are available to you

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any issues with the way we do things. Our locally owned and operated business believes in open communication, and we'll always take your thoughts into account. Whether it's a minor concern or the desire for a complete overhaul, we happily welcome any opinions you have on the project.

A company policy of open and honest dialogue

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